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All his 10 meter splits are here:

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Q: What was Usain Bolt's split times for the 9.69 100m WR?
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What was Usain Bolts 100m time at the London 2012 Olympics?

Usain Bolt's 100 metres at 9.63 was a new Olympic Record

What is Usain Bolts fastest time in 100m?

He has broken the world record 3 times. He first broke in in 2008.

What are Usain Bolts world records?

He holds world records in 100m (9.58), 200m (19.19) and 4x100mR (37.04).

Fastest man in the worl?

Usain Bolt holds the record for the fastest 100m and 200m times ever recorded.

What was usain bolts world record time in the 100m sprint this past summer?

9.69secs done at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

How did Usain Bolt rise to fame?

He is a 100m sprinter who runs extremely fast times.

What is Usain Bolts achievements?

Winning 3 gold medals so far and breaking the world records in the 100m 200m and the relay

What is Usain Bolts record in the 100m?

9.58 sec

Who are the athletes competing?

Usain Bolt will be in the 100m

Who broke the 100m sprint record?

Usain Bolt of Jamaica broke the 100m sprint record.

Is Usain Bolt fast?

Yes, 100m in 9.58, currently the fastest 100m runner in the world.

Is the Usain Bolt 100m video banned from the internet?

No it is not.