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In 10 games played against the San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman had a 4-and-6 career record against his National Football Conference rivals. But two of the Cowboys' wins were victories in the NFC Championship Games of 1993 and 1994, which denied the Niners back-to-back Super Bowl berths against the AFC's Buffalo Bills.

Interestingly, Aikman started but did not finish two of the games against the Niners. He suffered a concussion in the second half of the 1994 NFC Championship Game against San Francisco at Texas Stadium. After Aikman's departure, backup quarterback Bernie Kosar secured a 38-21 Dallas victory with a clutch 42-yard touchdown pass to receiver Alvin Harper. In a 1995 regular-season game at Texas Stadium, Aikman sustained a bruised knee early in the contest and was replaced by Wade Wilson. The 49ers won, 38-20.

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Q: What was Troy Aikman's record against the 49ers?
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