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Q: What game was Troy Aikmans last as a Sooner?
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What bowl game was Barry Switzer's last as a sooner coach?

Citrus Bowl

Did Troy Polamalu play against the Miami Dolphins in the last game of the 2009 season?

No, he did not. Troy said he wanted to at least play in the last game against the Dolphins. But the team decided that he would risk further damage to his knee.

What was the last bowl game that Barry Switzer won as the Sooner's coach?

1987 Orange Bowl, a 42-8 win over Arkansas.

Who was the last team that Troy State played as a 1 AA team?

Troy State's final season as a 1-AA team was 2001 as an independent. Their final game in the 2001 season was December 1 against North Texas. Troy won 18-16.

Did Helen of Troy have a last name?

No, in Greek mythology no one had a last name.

Who was the last king of troy killed at its fall?


How do you spell the name troy in Irish?

If you are referring to the last name "Troy", the name is spelled Ó Troighthigh, which was first anglicized as O'Trehy but is now Troy.

Athletes last names that start with the letter A?

Troy Aikman

What is Troy Polamalu's fathers name?

Aumua was Troy's fathers last name. There are many references to his last name but none of his first. Troy was raised by his mother and his mother's family. His mother and father divorced soon after he was born. He is estranged from his father.

What is the last word troy says to Gabriella in high school musical 2?

The last word that Troy says to Gabriella is:"Now" If you don't want to include the song "All For One"

Why does troy sivan have a indian or hindu last middle name?

Troy Sivan has an Indian surname because he traces his roots to India.

Who was the quarterback for the cowboys in last Super Bowl win?

Troy Aikman

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