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16 was his number at Tennessee

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Q: What was Peyton Mannings college football number?
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What is Peyton mannings zodiac?

Name :Peyton ManningSunsign :AriesSymbol :The RamBirth Number :24Ruling Planet :MarsChinese Sign :DragonType :Fire-Cardinal-Positive

How did Peyton Manning choose his jersey number?

His fathers number in college was 18.

What is Eli Mannings jersey number?

He is number 10

What were Peyton Manning's combined stats in college?

I'm not fluent in retard, but I'm willing to bet you were trying to ask: A: What was Peyton Manning's number in college? Or B: What was Peyton Manning's college? The answers to both: A: 16 B: Tennessee C: Learn how to type

What is Peyton Manning number?

Peyton Manning wears the number 18.

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