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Pele is famous for the 10 jersey number

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Q: What was Pele's soccer number?
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What are Pele hobbies?

peles hobbies were soccer! soccer SOCCER! he loved it so much

What was Peles Jersey number?

It was the number 10

What soccer team does Peles son Joshua play for?

Florida rush, out of colorado, little town near denver.

Name a Goalie that has won 3 or more Soccer World Cups?

It is the Brazilian goalkeeper of Peles time from from 1958, to 1970.

Did Cristiano Ronaldo beat Peles record?

No Ronaldo has not broken Peles record.

When was Keren Peles born?

Keren Peles was born on March 11, 1979, in Yavne'el, Israel.

What has the author Yossi Peles written?

Yossi Peles has written: 'Menachem Wiesenberg =' -- subject(s): Composers, Musicians, Biography

Who are Peles parents?

Dondinho and Celeste

what are peles traits?


What is Alex Morgan's soccer number?

Alex Morgans soccer number for the USA Woman's Soccer Team is 13.

What is Peles other name?

the great brazilin

What is Peles strongest foot?

eighter foot

What is Peles education?

SantragoColumbrado Escola de Primaria

Who is the soccer player which has number 35?

There are lots of soccer players with the number 35. Be more specific.

Which soccer players wear number 26?

John Terry is one soccer player that wears the number 26 on his jersey. John Terry is an English soccer player.

What is soccer ranked?

soccer is the number one sport in the world

Is dida a son to Pele of Brazil?

Dida is not at all Peles son.

Peles first goal in world cup against which country?


What is the average number of soccer goals scored in a soccer season?


What number of people play in each position in soccer?

there are 11 positions in soccer. the maximum number of players on a team is 18.

Which Italian soccer player wears shirt number 8?

There have been a number of Italian soccer players that have worn the shirt number 8 both professionally and non professionally. There have been 6 soccer professional players with the number 8 on their shirt in the last year alone.

When was the Peles castle built?

The PeleÅŸ castle was built between 1873 and 1914.

What castle was used in filming A Princess for Christmas?

It was filmed in Castel Peles, in Romania.

What is the word obtained after unscrambling the letters peles?

The anagrams are the words sleep and peels.

What can kids now learn from Pele?

Peles hard work to became what he is now