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Mickey Charles Mantle was named by his Father "Mutt" Mantle after Hall of Fame catcher Mickey Cochrane

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Q: What was Mickey Mantle's real name?
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The Mick, The Commerce Comet.

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Who was Mickey mantles grandfather?

Pappy Mantle.

What is a mickey mantle baseball card?

A piece of cardboard with Mickey mantles picture.

How heavy was mickey mantles bat?

33 oz.

What did Mickey Mantles father do for job?

He was a coal miner.

What year was mickey mantles rookie year?


Who caught mickey mantles 500th home run?

Lou De Filippo . Not sure of the last name spelling.

What baseball legend was asked to help Mickey Mantles strike out problem?

Ty Cobb

Is mickey mantle his real name?

yes, the name on his birth certificate is Mickey Charles Mantle

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5 dollars at the max

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Yankees Stadium IMickey Mantle played his entire career with the New York Yankees, and home field was Yankees Stadium

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