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Q: What was Mickeleson's money winnings for Master Tournament 2012?
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How much money do you get for winning the PGA tour?

In 2009 the least money a tournament winner has received is $648,000 and the most is $1,710,000 at The Players. Check related link for winnings list.

Who has won the most money out of poker?

Phil Ivey is currently on top of the leaderboard of most earning poker players from tournament winnings. He has won 8 WSOP Bracelets, 1 WPT title, has made over 54 tournament cashes & 32 tournament final tables. His winnings as of 2010 reach well over 13,800,000 USD. (Thirteen million, eight-hundred thousand dollars)

What is the most money made on Jeopardy?

Ultimate Tournament of Champions winner Brad Rutter won 2,000.000 dollars more to add to use career winning. Ken Jennings won a half million in that tournament for total career winnings of $3,022,700, but less than the over 3 and a quarter million career winnings by Brad Rutter

How much Money will the 2010 Master winner get?

$ 1,350,000 was the announced prize money for first place in the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament.

How much money will the winner of the 2009 master's golf tournament get?

The winner of the 2009 Masters (Angel Cabrera) received $1,350,000.

How much money did Tiger Woods win in the 2011 Masters?

Tiger Woods won $330,667 at the 2011 Master's Tournament.

What is the first prize money for masters golf 2012?

$1,440,000 was the first prize for the winner of the Master's Golf Tournament, Bubba Watson.

What was the winnings of the Westing game?

The money of the Sam Westings Estate

What is Rodger Federer's prize money winnings to date?


How much money does felipe massa get?

25million plus race winnings

How much money did Tiger Woods win at the 2009 Master Golf Tournament?


Who was the Highest money winner on jeopardy?

On the regular season, Ken Jennings with 2.5 million dollars (he also broke the single day winnings record with 75,000,it was 52,000.00), unless you count the tournament of champions in which case it will be brad rutter with 3.2 million

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