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His jersey was 23 for the Chicago Bulls

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โˆ™ 2011-04-04 14:23:31
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Q: What was Michael Jordan's jersey?
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What was Michael jordans olympic jersey number in 1984?

He was number 9. He was always 9 in the Olympics

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Michael Jordans nicknames are "Air Jordan",and "His airness"

Who was Michael jordans wife?

Michael Jordans wife was julia juanita. Juanita Vanoy but they are divorced.

What is Michael jordans basketball jersey number?

He wore the numbers 23 primarily, 9 for USA in Olympics, 45 and 12.

Who are Michael Jordans daughters?

Michael Jordans only daughter is called Jasmine. He has 2 sons Jeffrey and Marcus.

What is the Value of a Michael Jordan North Carolina jersey?

Michael Jordans jersey isnt worth buying because she's not even good. The best bet is to buy a Kevin Durant jersey. By the end of kevin Durants career he have more than Michael Jordan will ever have. So go and get yourself a Kevin Durant jersey. :)

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What was Michael Jordans jersey number for the Chicago bulls?

Michael Jordan was #23,45,and 12 on the Chicago bulls. He was 23 on the Washington wizards, and his U.S.A dream team number was 9

What is Michael Jordans full name?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan..

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154 is Michael jordans IQ

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michael can sing,dance,

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nike invented the jordans but later it got modified by Michael Jordan

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What is Michael Jordans son named?


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