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Michael Jordan played with the jersey numbers 23 and 45.

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Q: What is the number of Jordan's jersey?
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What was Michael jordans olympic jersey number in 1984?

He was number 9. He was always 9 in the Olympics

What do the numbers on the Jordans mean?

It's Micheal Jordan's old jersey number.

What is Michael jordans basketball jersey number?

He wore the numbers 23 primarily, 9 for USA in Olympics, 45 and 12.

Who retired number 23 with the Miami Heat?

It was retired in honor of Jordan. That's why Michaels Jordans Jersey hangs in there arena

What was Michael Jordans jersey number for the Chicago bulls?

Michael Jordan was #23,45,and 12 on the Chicago bulls. He was 23 on the Washington wizards, and his U.S.A dream team number was 9

What number is Michael jordans jersey?

23, 45, 12, and 9: He has worn number 23 and 45 when he came back from retirement in basketball, 45 with the Birmingham Barons baseball team, 12 for one game when his jersey was stolen from a visiting locker room and 9 in the Olympics

Michael Jordans signature number?

Michael Jordan's signature number is 23.

What is the Value of a Michael Jordan North Carolina jersey?

Michael Jordans jersey isnt worth buying because she's not even good. The best bet is to buy a Kevin Durant jersey. By the end of kevin Durants career he have more than Michael Jordan will ever have. So go and get yourself a Kevin Durant jersey. :)

What is the number of gory's jersey?

The number of the jersey of Gori is 7.

Walter Lewis jersey number at Alabama?

what was his jersey number

What is the total number of points scored in Michael Jordans NBA career?


What was George chayka jersey number?

The number to George Chayka's jersey number was jean

What was tom landrys jersey number?

tom landrys jersey number was number 49

What is the jersey number of Fernando Torres for Chelsea?

jersey number 9.

Which jersey number is given to Kaka in Milan?

jersey number 22.

What is the jersey shore house number?

What is the jersey. Shore house number

What was zinedine zidane's jersey number?

Zidanees jersey number was 10.

Who where 7 number jersey in cricket?

who weres jersey number 7

What number did Michael Jordan wear when jersey got stolen?

His official number is 23 but when his jersey got stolen he wore a number 12 jersey

What is Adam Gilchrist's jersey number?

The jersey number of Adam Gilchrist is 99, becasue he believed this number is his lucky number.

What was Michael Jordans jersey number?

23Michael Jordan wore #23 for most of his NBA career. He wore #45hen playing Minor League Baseball. When he returned to the NBA, he briefly wore #45 as his#23ad been retired. He returned to his #23 month later.

Troy Brown's jersey number?

Troy Brown's jersey number is 80.

What is Ricky Ponting number on his jersey?

Ricky Pointing's jersey number is 14.

What is Aaron Rodgers jersey number?

Aaron Rodgers jersey number is 12.

What was messi's original jersey number?

On his first goal scored for Barca he was wearing the number 30 jersey. He also appears in photos wearing the number 19 jersey before taking the number 10 jersey in 2008 upon the departure of Ronaldinho.