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Q: What was Larry Bird's ppg his first year in the NBA?
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How much is Larry Bird's Salary in NBA?

Larry birds salary was when he first signed with the Celtics it was on June 8, 1979 he got paid $650,000 per year for five years a total of $3,250,000

Who was the first white NBA superstar?

Larry Byrd

Who was the first to dunk a ball in the nba?

Larry bird

Who was the last white man to get drafted first in the nba?

Larry Byrd

Does Larry Bird Own The Indiana Pacers?

Larry Bird was named the NBA Coach of the Year for the 1997-1998 season, becoming the only person in NBA history to have won both the MVP and Coach of the Year awards.

What college did NBA player Larry Sanders play for?

NBA player Larry Sanders played for Virginia Commonwealth.

Was this Blake Griffin's first year in the NBA?

Yes. This (2010-2011) is Blake Griffin's first year in the NBA, he is a rookie.

Who made the first three point shot in a NBA all star game?

Larry Bird

How many points did Larry Bird score in his first NBA Celtics game in 1979?