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Q: What was John Freedman's tv programme called?
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Where can you get copies of John the storyteller 80's children's tv programme from?


Is there a TV program called ghost hunters?

There is a TV programme called Ghost Hunters it is on skylivinit

What is the name of the show which stars john barrowman and hes saying about his childhood and if it effected the fact that he was gay?

If you are talking about the recent tv programme on the BBC, it was called 'The Making of Me'.

What is the coffee shop called in the tv programme friends?

central perk

What TV programme did Debbie Dunning star in?

Debbe Dunning starred in a TV programme called "Home Improvement." She also starred in a TV series called "Wicked Wicked Games," as well as many films.

How is called the place where a film or television programme is shot?

The place where a film or television show is shot is called a set.

What is the plural of point of view?

There is a BBC television programme called 'Points Of View'

What was the famous tv programme about women pow inturned in Japan called?


What was the childrens TV programme with a girl called scarlett and a monster?

happy monsters

Which tv programme was about a sailing ship staring ann stalybrass?

Anne Stallybrass starred in a programme called The Onedin Line as Anne Webster. The programme is about a shipping line called The Onedin Line, and a sea captain named James Onedin.

What do you call a television programme based on dramatised true event?

it's called a Docudrama

When did Holiday - TV programme - end?

Holiday - TV programme - ended in 2007.

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