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sing, "why cant we be friends", while sitting in the back of the bus

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Q: What was Jackie Robinson's favorite thing to do with his brothers and sister?
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What are Jackie Robinsons brother and sister name?

Frank, and Willa Mae

Who were Jackie Robinsons parents?

His mother was Mallie Robinson and his father was Jerry Robinson. They were a very tight knit family, along with his brothers, Edgar, Frank, and Mack Robinson. And his sister Willa Mae Robinson.

How many brothers and sisters did Jackie Kennedy have?

she had a sister a brother and a half brother and sister.

What were the names of Jackie Robinson sister and brothers?

Oldest was Edgar, then came Frank, after that came Mack, then sister Willa Mae. Jackie was the youngest.

How many siblings did Jackie Robinson have?

He had 4 siblings: 3 brothers and 1 sister.

Does ciara have brother and sister?

no she doesnt have any brothers or sisters she was born to Jackie and charlton harris

Does Jackie Chan have an uncle?

In none of the biographical information about Jackie Chan and his family is it mentioned whether or not Jackie's parents had any brothers. His mother's sister is mentioned, so he does / did have an aunt.

How many brothers and sisters did Jackie Robinson have?

Jack Roosevelt Robinson, known widely as Jackie Robinson, was the youngest of five children. He had three older brothers and one older sister.

Who was Jackie Robinson family?

Jackie was raised by a single mother because his father left when he was 6 months old. He had 3 brothers and one sister.

How many brothers and sisters did Jackie Joyner kersee have?

For now all it says is that she has one sister names Angela

Did Jacqueline Kennedy ever had brothers or sisters from the same dad and mom?

Yes, Jackie had one sister LEE RADZWILL who is 3 years younger than Jackie.

How many siblings does Jackie joyneer kersee have?

3 brothers one sister and a nagging idiot who always asked how many siblings she had.

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