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Evelyn johnson.

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Q: What was Earvin Magic Johnson's sister name?
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What is magic johnsons first name?


What is magic Johnsons sons name?

Earvin Johnson III

What is magic Johnsons whole name?

Magic Johnson's full name is Earvin (no middle name) johnson.

What is Magic Johnsons full name?

I do believe his full moniker is Earvin Johnson

What is magic johnsons kids name?

Andre, Earvin the 3rd, and Elisa who was adopted.

Is Quincy Johnson magic Johnsons brother?

yes earvin has brother name quincy met him persnally in early 90's in culver city califrnia at than Earvin "magic" johnson's condo.

What is the birth name of Magic Johnson?

Magic Johnson's birth name is Johnson, Earvin.

What is magic Johnson's full name?

Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Jr.

What is the name of Earvin Magic Johnson's parents?

Earvin Johnson is a Jr. meaning he's the second, so his fathers name is Earvin Johnson Sr. His mother's name is Christine... she was a very religious mother and she did not like Earvin's nickname "Magic" because she considered it blasphemes to her religion. <<< just to let you kno.:)

What is magic Johnson's real first name?


What is magic johsons real name?

earvin johnson

What is magic Johnson dads name?

Earvin Johnson

When did Earvin get the name Magic?

People were so amaze with his playing style that they called it magic.

What is Magic's real name?

earvin effay Johnson jr.

What was earvin jonsons nikename?

His pet name is Magic Johnson.

What is magic Johnson father name?

Earvin Johnson

What was the name of the late night talk show with magic johnsons?

The Magic Hour

What is magic Johnsons real name?

Ervin Johnson

What is Magic Johnson's real name?

Earvin Effay Johnson, Jr. Earn Effay "Magic" Johnson Jr.

Who was the starting point guard for the los angeles lakers in 1978?

I believe it was Magic Johnson (his real name is Earvin Johnson).

What is Johnson's real name?

Earvin Effay Johnson, Jr. Earn Effay "Magic" Johnson Jr.

Who's nick name was magic?

That would be Earvin "Magic" Johnson. A basketball player. There is also "Magical" Millie Madden of Yarker Ontario Canada , an obscure but very nice Lady.

What was the real name of magic?

Wizardology was the name! That's what I think!Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Jr.

What was Magics real name?

Earvin Johnson Jr. is better known to the world as "Magic" Johnson. He is a retired American NBA player who played for the LA Lakers.

What is barbie's sister's name in barbie and magic of pegasus?

Annika's (Barbie's) sister name was in that movie Brietta.