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Earvin Johnson

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Q: What is magic Johnson dads name?
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What is Andre Johnson dads name?

magic johnson

What is the birth name of Magic Johnson?

Magic Johnson's birth name is Johnson, Earvin.

What is magic Johnson's whole name?

Erving "Magic Johnson is his full name. Magic was his nickname.

What is magic Johnsons whole name?

Magic Johnson's full name is Earvin (no middle name) johnson.

Real name of magic?

If you mean "Magic" Johnson, his real name is Earven Johnson Jr.

What is magic Johnson's full name?

Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Jr.

How did Magic Johnson get his name?

he was magic

What is MC Magics dads name?

magic Jackson

What is shawn Johnsons dads name?

mike johnson

Did Magic Johnson condone Orlando Magic name?


What is the name of Magic Johnson's wife?

Cookie Johnson

What is Magic Johnson's real name?

Earvin Effay Johnson, Jr. Earn Effay "Magic" Johnson Jr.

What was Earvin Magic Johnson's sister name?

Evelyn johnson.

What is Andre Johnson's dad's name?

Magic Johnson

What is magic Johnson father name?

Earvin Johnson

Who is Magic Johnson's mother name?

his mother name is. VJJ

What is magic Johnson wife name?


Why is magic Johnson called magic?

The night before any major game the Lakers had Earvin Johnson would help put the team's minds at ease by performing a magic show. This was a good way to calm everyones nerves and the name then just stuck with him. He also formally changed his name to Magic Johnson.That, or it was his passing, dribbling skills, and ball-handling technique that won him the nickname "Magic."Read more at magic-johnson

Who was better Larry Bird or Magic Johnson?

magic Johnson magic Johnson

What is magic Johnson's real first name?


What is magic Johnsons real name?

Ervin Johnson

What is magic Johnson mom name?

kim jonsin

What is magic johsons real name?

earvin johnson

What is Magic Johnson's mother's maiden name?


What is Johnson's real name?

Earvin Effay Johnson, Jr. Earn Effay "Magic" Johnson Jr.