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There are two numbers you could reasonably say were Derek Jeter's first "professional" number.

The first time Jeter technically became a professional was in 1992, when the New York Yankees picked him sixth overall in the draft. Like most new players, however, he did not go directly to the major leagues; the Yankees first placed him in their minor league system. It's hard to determine the first jersey number he wore in the minors, since far less attention is payed to the minor leagues than the majors. Fortunately, there were several collectible "rookie edition" Baseball cards made of Jeter; from pictures of these, it would be a reasonably good guess to say that Jeter's first minor league number was "13". A link to a picture of one of these cards is included in the related links.

Jeter's first major league number is much easier to find; he's used the same one for his entire major league career. Jeter's first major league number was "2".

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Derek Jeter's uniform number is 2.

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Q: What was Derek Jeter's first jersey number as a professional?
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