How was Derek Jeters life like?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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How was Derek Jeters childhood and education

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Q: How was Derek Jeters life like?
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What is Derek Jeters license plate?


What is Derek Jeters family personality like?

Yes he is all about family

When was Derek Jeters first World Series?


What was Derek Jeters minor league number?


Who was Derek Jeters hero?

His Father (Dr. Charles Jeter)

What is Derek Jeters favorite shoe brand?

Air Jordan

What were Derek Jeters hobbies as a little kid?

play baseball

What is derek jeters babys name?

Bella Raine Jeter

What is Derek Jeters number?

his number is 556- 797 - 3456

What is Derek Jeters's religion?

Derek Jeter was raised a Rastafarian but in his late teens he became a practicing Druid.

What is Derek Jeter's favorite color?

i think derek jeters favorite color is blue, black, or red