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Q: What was Charlotte Coopers tennis player height?
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Who is the first female tennis player?

Charlotte Reinagle Cooper.

What is the minimum height to become a tennis player for girls?

No Minimum Height! :)

When was Charlotte Cooper - tennis - born?

Charlotte Cooper - tennis - was born on 1870-09-22.

When did Charlotte Cooper - tennis - die?

Charlotte Cooper - tennis - died on 1966-10-10.

What is the average height of a female pro tennis player?

5 foot 10

What is the height of Serena Williams?

Serena Williams is a famous professional tennis player from the US. Her height is 1.75 meters.

What has the author Charlotte Stewart written?

Charlotte. Stewart has written: 'Tennis type games' -- subject(s): Ball games, Tennis

About Charlotte Cooper?

Charlotte Cooper was a English tennis player who won two gold medals for singles and the other mixed doulbes. She was born in Middlesex, England and she died at the age of 96.

Who is the shortest male professional tennis player?

olivier rochus.. his height is 5.6 feet or 167 cm

What is the height of a pro tennis player?

The heights of the professional tennis players on the ATP World Tour vary dramatically, from 6'10" (6 feet 10 inches) to 5'11".

What is the average height of a tennis player?

25 years ago the average height was 5 foot 10 inches. Today, it is 6 foot 1 inch.

Who is Charlotte Cooper?

* Charlotte Cooper is a English bass player with The Subways. She was born on the 4th April 1986. * Charlotte Cooper was an English tennis player who won gold twice. One for mixed doubles and the other for singles. She was born on the 22nd September 1870 and died at the age of 96 on the 10th October 1966. * Charlotte Cooper is a British author, born in 1968.

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