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Her first Olympics was in the 1992 Olympics which were held in Barcelona, Spain. she competed in the 4x400m relay and the team came in at 7th place

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Q: What was Cathy Freeman's first Olympics?
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What is Cathy freemans greatest achievement?

her graetes achievment was in 2002 when she won gold at the Olympics

When did Cathy freemans parents divorce?

why did cathy freemans parents divorce

What and where is Cathy freemans tribal name and area?

Cathy Freemans Tribe Is The Kuku Yalangi Tribe.

What is Cathy freemans diet?

cathy freeman's diet is that she eats fruit and vegetabels

What colour are Cathy freemans eyes?

Cathy freeman has brown eyes

What is Cathy freemans fav food?


Who is Cathy freemans husband?

Alexander bodecker

Is Cathy Freemans Mum aboriginal?


What was Cathy freemans dad name?


What is Cathy Freemans favourite animal?


Who is Cathy Freemans family?

Cathy Freeman has alot of family she is related to Ernie Dingo

What is Cathy Freemans career?

olympic champion :D

Why is Cathy freemans nickname speed?

cause she is fast

What are Cathy Freemans biggest achievements?

Cathy Freeman was the first Australian female to win a gold medal at an international athletics event.. She was also the first track and field Australian female to win a world championship.

What is Cathy Freemans favorite thing to do?

Her favourite event is the 400m

What are Cathy Freemans personal challenges?

She needs to be devoutly worshiped.

What colour skin does Cathy freemans mum have?


What is Cathy freemans birthday?

Cathy Freeman was born on the 16/2/197316th February 1973

Who is Cathy Freeman's husband?

Cathy freemans husband doesnt want to be named! so he still remains a secret

What is Cathy freemans favourite movie?

Easy. It is The Wizard Of Oz of course.

Cathy Freemans nickname?


What is Cathy freemans kids names?

Cathy Freeman has a daughter named Ruby Anne Susie Murch who was born on July 8, 2011

Who is the first Australian aboriginal to compete at the Olympics?

cathy freeman

When did Cathy freeman start the Olympics?

Cathy freeman started the Olympics when she was 20

What was Cathy freemans childhood like?

Cathy freemans childhoodo waqs hard she used to get teased because she was black and when she took up running when she was a kid one time she came first but she didint get a medal but the kids who came 2nd and 3rd got one. she didnt get one though because people were cruel and ddidint giver her a medal because she was black.