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a bad game

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Q: What was Brett Favres first game as a packer?
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Who did Brett Favre beat in his first game as a Packer?


Who did Brett Favre play in his first NFL game?

In his rookie year with the Atlanta Falcons, Brett Favres' 1st NFL game was October 27, 1991 vs. Los Angeles Rams

What team has Brett Favre not defeated?

Brett has now beaten every team in the league after last years Packer/Viking game

Was Brett Favre last throw as a green bay packer a touchdown?

Brett Favre's last throw as a Packer was in the 2008 NFC Championship game against the New York Giants. It was an interception in overtime which set Lawrence Tynes up for the game winning field goal.

Who caught Brett Favre's last pass as a packer?

Well, this can be answered two ways considering Favre's "last pass" as a Green Bay Packer was an interception in overtime of the 2008 NFC Championship game... With that said, the Packer (or teammate) that caught Favre's last pass was... Donald Lee. However, Favre's very "last pass" as a Packer was intercepted by Corey Webster from the Giants.

What year did Brett Farve play his first game for the Packers?


What team did the packers play in Brett Fevre first game?


What year did Brett favrE play his first game for the packers?


Are programs sold out at the packer bears game?


Where does Brett Favre stand in all time qbs?

Brett Favre is considered the greatest QB of all time. He holds almost every possible Qb record, 1 Superbowl, and 3 MVPs. Today's game where Favre returns to Lambeau for the first time not in Packer green, many analysts have called it the game of the century. It is considered one of the top 3 games in NFL history: #3 Favre's return to Lambeau, #2 the first NFL Superbowl, and #1 the first NFL game ever.

Which Green Bay Packers QB has thrown 5 touchdown passes in one game?

It has been done many times by packer players, but Brett Favre was the last one to do it, on September 27, 1998

Where on the web can you watch the cowboy packer game?

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