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His uniform was #10.

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Q: What was Bob Chapman's uniform number?
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Did Bob Feller have any uniform number except 19?

Yes, he wore #9 in 1936 and was changed to #14 shorty after.

What was Joe Torre uniform number as a Yankee manager?

His uniform number was number 6.

What is Derek Jeters uniform number?

Derek Jeter's uniform number is 2.

What is Jason Heyward's uniform number?

The uniform number of Jason Heyward is 22.

What is Cristiano Ronaldos uniform number?

his uniform number is 7 that is why they call his CR7

What number did honus Wagner wear on his uniform?

Honus Wagner played before numbers were on uniforms. He did not have a uniform number.

What uniform number did Mickey Mantle wear?

Mickey Mantle wore uniform number 6 in his first year then wore the number 7 for the rest of his career.

What Dallas Cowboys uniform number has only been worn by one active player in the history of the team?

No one has worn No. 74 in the regular season since the retirement of Bob Lilly -- "Mr. Cowboy" -- in 1974.

What was Ted Williams' uniform number?

Ted Williams wore number 9 on his Boston Red Sox uniform his entire career.

What is the patch on the left sleeve of the New York Yankees uniform?

On the left sleeve of the Yankees uniform is a commemorative patch honoring the late Yankees PA announcer Bob Sheppard.

What is a basketball uniform'?

Basketball Uniform (jersey) is important to discern the teams, they are usually shorts and tops. Each player on the court must have a number on their uniform.

How are player number chosen to be on uniform?

you choose your number

What has the author Bob Shelton written?

Bob Shelton has written: 'Uniform buttons of the Republic of Texas' -- subject(s): Armed Forces, Buttons, Uniforms

What number was ken griffey sr?

22 - 30 -33Ken Griffey Sr. wore uniform number 30 with the Cincinnati Reds from 1973 -1981, and from 1988-1990. With the New York Ynkees he wore uniform number 6 in 1982, and uniform number 33 fron 1983-1986. He wore uniform number 22 with the Atlanta Braves from 1986-1988, and Uniform number 30 with the Seattle Mariners in 1990, and 1991.

What is leland Chapmans nickname?

Lee lee

What color is leland Chapmans eyes?


Who is john Chapmans parents?

Nathaniel and Elizabeth.

What happened to Tim Chapmans wife?

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What was New York Yankees manager Joe McCarthy's uniform number?

McCarthy never wore a uniform with a number.

What was Tug McGraw's uniform number in 1980?

Tug MacGraw wore uniform number 45 for the 1980 Philadelphia Phillies, as he did his entire career.

What jersy number did Roger Maris wear?

Roger Maris woure uniform number 32, and 5 with the Cleveland Indians in 1957, and 1958. Roger Maris wore uniform number 35 during his first year with the KC Athletics in 1958, and he wore uniform number 3 in his second year in 1959. With the Yankees he wore uniform number 9 from 1960 -1966, and with St Louis in 1967 and 1968.

What was Bob Uecker's jersey number?

Bob Ueker wore three different uniform numbers over his career.#8 with the Milwaukee Braves#9 with the St. Louis Cardinals and Philadelphia Phillies#12 with the Atlanta Braves

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