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Q: What was Beijing previously known for?
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What is the city of Beijing also known as?

Beijing is also known as Peking.

What was the kiwifruit previously known as?

The kiwifruit was previously known as the Chinese gooseberry.

What was Tuvalu previously known as?

Tuvalu was previously known as the Ellice Islands.

What is the Olympics stadium called in Beijing?

Beijing's Olympic Stadium is known as the Birds Nest

What is another name Beijing is known as?


What is Beijing best know for?

Beijing is best known for it's food by many people but if you are really a fan of Beijing you would know that it is known for it's historical sites, places to visit, the amazing people there and the entertainment values.

By what other name is Beijing currenty known?

It was known in the recent past as Peking.

Which city is known as peiking?

The capital city of China, Peking , is now known as Beijing.

What Other Name Is Beijing Being Currently Known?


What is the name the Beijing swimming complex is known as?


The city of Beijing is also known as?

The older name was Peking.

Which city is known as the 'Manchester of the Orient'?