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Q: What was Babe Ruth's career batting average in the postseason?
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What is Babe Ruths career batting average?

Babe Ruth's career batting average was .342.

What was Babe ruths career batting average?


What was babe ruths postseason stats?


What was babe ruths lifetime batting average?


What was Babe Ruths Career statistics?

As a pitcher Babe Ruth had a career record of 94 wins 46 losses with a 2.28 ERA. As a hitter he had a career batting average of .342 with 714 home runs, and 2,217 RBIs.

What are some of babe ruths records that are still standing today?

World Series batting average of .625

How long was Babe Ruths baseball career?


What was Babe Ruths salary?

Over Ruths whole career as a baseball player, he had made over 100,000 dollars. Something close to 114,000 dollars, they didnt keep financial records very well back then.

When did Babe Ruths career end?

Babe Ruth played his final MLB game on May 30, 1935.

What was Babe Ruths e.r.a?

Babe Ruth pitched in 163 games, 1221.1 innings pitched, and had a career ERA of 2.28

What was Babe Ruths homeering average?

Babe Ruth had a 11.76 At bats per home run average second all time to Mark McGwire (10.61)

Who was Ruths first husband?

Ruths first husband was called Mahlon. he was the son of the widow Naomi.

Who broke Babe Ruth's homerun record?

In 1974 Hank Aaron hit home run number 715 to break Babe Ruths career home run mark of 714.

Did Hank Aaron beat Babe Ruths home run record?

Not for a single season, but Hank Aaron had 755 career home runs, surpassing Babe Ruth's 714 lifetime homers.

When was babe ruths 714 home run?

May 25, 1935 in a game for the Boston Braves against the Pittsburgh Pirates. He hit three home runs in the game, the final three of his career.

Babe Ruths bats name in real life?

babe ruths baseball history

Are babe ruths parents alive?


Do baby ruths have peanuts in it?


Is Babe Ruths mom German?


What is Babe Ruths IQ?


What has the author RuthS Jacobowitz written?

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What was Babe Ruths birth name?

George Herman Ruth.

Were babe ruths brothers and sisters famous?

no they were not

Are Babe Ruths daughter still alive?


What is Babe Ruths quote?

ey how you doin