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75-76 Indiana was 32-0 74-75 Indiana was 31-1

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Q: What was 1975-1976 Indiana University men's basketball team record?
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Who holds the single game scoring record in Indiana University Men's basketball?

billy shepred

What is the record of Indiana University basketball versus Purdue Basketball.?

as of feb 8 2011 purdue leads the all time series 110-84

What is the Ohio State vs Indiana all time basketball record?

indiana leads 102-11

What's University of Missouri men's basketball team record?

The University of Missouri men's basketball team record is 18-0 in 2008-2009 at the Mizzou Arena.

What was Syracuse university's basketball record in 1985?


What is the all time record for Kansas basketball vs Indiana baskeball?


What is University of Rhode Island's basketball record?

The University of Rhode Island's basketball team is currently No. 1 in the Atlantic Conference. (2017)

Who has a winning record over KU in NCAA Basketball?

University of Ky's record is 19-6 versus Kansas.

What is the overall record in basketball rivalry between University of Missouri and university of kansas?

172-95 Kansas leads

Most wins in ncaa basketball history?

the University of Kentucky has the NCAA record for most wins in college basketball history

What is the all time record between Indiana and Kentucky in basketball?

The all-time record between the universities of Kentucky and Indiana was 102 to 90 in the NCAA game played on February 3, 2012. The second record shows Indiana beating Kentucky by 73 points with a one point difference.?æ

How many wins does Indiana men's basketball have all time?

At the end of the 08-09 season Indiana had a record of 1458-736 for an all time win % of .665

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