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A double dribble

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Q: What violation is committed in basketball if you bounce the ball using two hands?
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What is it call when you bounce the ball with two hands in basketball?

A double dirbbile

Is a bounce pass rarely effective near the goal in basketball?

no a bounce pass is very effective because it goes underneath a defenders hands.

What is it called when a player uses two hands to bounce the ball in basketball?

It is a double dribble if you are dribbling it, but if you are passing it it's called a bounce pass.

What is the meaning of the dribbling in basketball?

Dribbling means bouncing. Basketball players are required to bounce the basketball on the floor as they move across the basketball court, rather than just carrying the basketball in their hands. This is intended to create an opportunity for other players to grab the ball. It is an added challenge to be able to dribble the ball without losing it.

Why are basketballs sphere?

Basketballs are sphere in shape because they need to be bounced at any time on anywhere. For example, if a basketball was square in shape, it wouldn't bounce would it! If a basketball is round and round, then any part of it would be able to bounce on a surface. Basketballs are also sphere so that they can fit nice and smooth in your hands. When they fit nice and smooth in your hands, it is therefore easier to throw them around and shoot.

In Gaelic can you bounce the ball?

Yes, but not twice in succession. While running with the ball you can kick it to your hands, drop it towards your foot and kick it back to your hands. This is called a solo run. You can do that as many times in a row as you like. You are meant to do it at least every 4 steps taken. You can bounce the ball while running, but you must kick it to your hands again at least once, before bouncing it again. So you cannot run basketball style bouncing (you can bounce the ball up to 10 times basketball style but you must not hold the ball between bounces, you then must take a solo before you bounce the ball again) , or you cannot run holding onto the ball, rugby style.

Is soccer similar to Basketball?

No because soccer yo can't use your hands and in basketball you have to use your hands.

What are five sports rules?

basketball: you have to bounce the ball while moving apart from the last 2 steps you cant bounce the ball with both hands not allowed to step over the line when taking a freethrow you cant sheperd somebody not allowed to use your elbow to fend off

How do you catch a basketball?

You catch it with your hands.

How do you tell your basketball is full enough?

You have to squeeze the ball with your hands. if its hard to do that. Bounce the ball on the ground. If it bounces up to like 3 or 4 feet up in the air when you just drop it. Then you have enough air.

How much is ticket for California hands free phone violation?

My first violation (August 2009) was $140, and second violation would be $190, according to the operator.

What is passing of the basketball?

There are 3 main types of passing: Overhead: Literally thrown over the head, with two hands. Chest pass: Thrown to the chest/stomach area of the teamate. Bounce pass: Pushing the ball to the floor; it should bounce back up to the stomach/chest area of your teamate.

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