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The first thing is usually a new, longer barrel.

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Q: What upgrades should you get for the tippmann Carver one?
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What barrels are good for Carver one?

the one it comes with is good but most tippmann barrels should work

What egrip will work on a Carver one?

The tippmann 98 egrip.

Can the tippmann Carver one have a stock?

Yes, any 98 stock will fit.

Is the tippmann us carver one or jt stealth better for paintball?

Carver one is defiantly more durable, but they both have the same functions.

What is a good paintball gun for beginners 2010?

The new Azodin ATS and Tippmann Carver one are two you should look into for beginner markers.

Will a tippmann alpha black egrip work with a carver one?

No, it is slightly different shaped.

What e-grip do you buy for a US Army Carver One?

The tippmann 98 egrip

Where can one find information regarding Tippman 98 custom upgrades?

One can find out more information about the Tippmann 98 Custom upgrades online at the Tippman website. If one wants more information about the Tippmann 98 Custom itself, one can find information about it on Wikipedia.

What is a full auto paintball gun less than150?

A Tippmann carver one with e trigger.

Does tippmann 16'' sniper barrel for 98 custom fit alpha black?

Yes, all 98 threaded barrels fit: model 98 98 custom alpha black/ bravo one project salvo/ tango one carver one They will NOT fit: tippmann A5 Tippmann X7/ phenom TPX pistol tippmann prolite spyders or any other companies

Do tippmann 98 custom and alpha black have the same thread?

Yes, along with the project salvo, and carver one, and their Canadian versions the Bravo one, and Tango one.

What stock fits the Carver one gun?

Any stock built for the Tippmann 98 series, including the project salvo, alpha black and the non Tippmann BT4. A5/x7 ans spyder mr stocks will not fit.