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A Tippmann carver one with e trigger.

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โˆ™ 2011-11-27 04:24:56
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Q: What is a full auto paintball gun less than150?
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How much would it cost to get a Tippmann A-5 upgraded to full-auto and get a red-dot sight?

First off, I would not suggest the installation of any red dot or optic sights on any paintball marker unless mil-sim appearances are very important to you. Paintball markers are simply not accurate enough to justify sights, which only add weight to an already heavy marker. With that said, full auto can be obtained 2 ways. The first is the buy the E-Grip which is a simple grip replacement upgrade with multiple fire modes including full auto. Be aware that battery changing is a pain on this module. You can buy if for around $99 or less. The other way is to spend about $60 and get the Response Trigger, which speeds up your semi auto and has a "sweet spot" where the trigger will bounce and create auto fire. While not a true auto fire mode, this trigger allows you to play on fields that ban full auto mode guns.

Is the g4 a good paintball gun?

Not saying it to be mean, but if you're asking a question like this, get yourself a semi-auto spyder. Lot less head-aches, trust me.

Is a paintball gun classified as a leathal weapon?

No, law enforcement use and classify paintball guns as less then lethal markers.

How much is a used Triton paintball gun?

Less then 50 dollars.

How much does a maurader paintball marker cost?

slightly less than $30.

How much paint is in a paintball?

Slightly less than 3.5 grams or 0.123458867 ounces.

What do dye loaders do for paintball guns?

help you shoot faster, less jams, and look cool.

After the full moon you see less and less of the sunlit side?

After the full moon, we see less and less of the sunlit side.

Is a paintball gun a lethal weapon?

No. Paintball guns are used as nonlethal (less than lethal) tools by law enforcement No matter how fast you turned up your gun, the paintball would not kill someone on impact. If someone had a pre-existing condition, like a heart weakness, then the paintball gun, like the taser, rubber gun, and riot gas could be lethal.

How popular is paintball?

Well, there really isn't an answer to how popular paintball is. I play myself and it is one of the fastest growing extreme sports today! Chances are if you live i an urban area, than there will probably be a field or store less that an hour away. It already is huge, and I think someday there will even be Olympic paintball...

What is better a crosman pulse r71 or r73 electric?

The R71 holds more rounds and is Semi and full auto and cost less. It's a better bang for your buck.

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