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The Colts have selected their blue jerseys over white pants for Super Bowl XLIV. They had the right to choose the jerseys because they play in the American Football Conference, which is the designated "home" team in even-numbered years.

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Q: What uniforms will the Colts choose in Super Bowl XLIV?
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What uniforms will be worn in Super Bowl XLIV?

Colts elect to wear blue jerseys in Super Bowl XLIV; Saints to wear white

Why are the Colts wearing home uniforms and Saints away uniforms for this year's Super Bowl?

In the Super Bowl, the AFC is the home team in even numbered games and the NFC is the home team in odd numbered games. This being Super Bowl 44 (XLIV), an even number, the Colts are designated as the home team.

What first Super Bowl did the Colts win?

The Colts first Super Bowl win was as the Baltimore Colts in 1971. It was the fifth Super Bowl or Super Bowl V(5).

When do the colts play the Super Bowl what month and day?

The Colts will not be going to the super bowl.

How many Super Bowl appearances for the colts?

the Indianapolis colts will appear in the super bowl for the fourth time in super bowl 44

Did the colts ever win the Super Bowl?

Yes. The Colts won the Super Bowl in 2007.

Who played in the 2005 Super Bowl?

Super Bowl visitors were the Chicago Bears vs. Indianapolis Colts. The Colts won the super bowl.

Who do going to win the super bowl the colts or the saints?

The Saint defeated the Colts in Super bowl 44.

Who went to the Super Bowl and who won the Super Bowl 2006?

Bears vs. Colts Colts won

How many Super Bowl champineships have the colts won?

Twice the Baltimore Colts won Super Bowl V in 1971 and the Indianapolis Colts won Super Bowl XLI in 2007.

What teams are in this Super Bowl?

the saints and the colts are in the super bowl of 2010

When did colts lose the Super Bowl?

Super bowl 3. 1969

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