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No uniform as such. A pair of Golf shoes, a collared shirt (usually polo), jumper, sweater, coat etc and a pair of chinos. You can wear shorts, but some courses require you pull your socks the whole way up!

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Q: What uniform is required to play golf?
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What game can you play and pick your clothes?

There is no specific uniform required in golf. Figure skating is another. Most other organized and competitive sports do require a uniform, or at least a specific standard of dress. Even tennis players all dress pretty much alike.

Is there an entry fee required to play in the US Golf Open?

Bout $3.50

Where can you get a caddie uniform?

If a golf club hires caddies, it will provide the uniform. If you want one for personal use, check with the local golf courses and ask if there are any uniforms no longer in use you can have or buy. If this is for a school play, local clubs are always eager to benefit school activities.

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What does a golf caddie have to wear?

Usually the country club will provide you a uniform you have to wear.

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