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Classical Ballet and contemporary.

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Q: What types of the ballet?
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Related questions

What are the different types of ballet?

Classical and modern ballet

What are different types of ballet dance?

classical and contemporary ballet

Dance and ballet?

Ballet is dance. there are loadsa different types of dance.

What are the three types of ballet dancing?


Tap lrish and ballet are all types of what?

types of dances

What are types of ballet clothes?

usually pink tights, solid color leotard, and sometimes a ballet skirt and legwarmers. Pink or canvas ballet slippers

What are the different types of Ukrainian dance?


Is ballet classical?

Ballet is one of the first types of dance and uses classical music so it is very classical.

Do you have to know ballet in order to dance jazz?

no. They are two different types of dances! Ballet is the foundation of all dance. In my opinion, ballet is harder to learn because it is technical and jazz is fun and upbeat! :)

What are three types of dancing?

ballet,contemporary and hip hop

What are the two main types of dance?

Hip Hop And Ballet

What are the most popular types of dance?

Ballet, Tap, and Jazz.

What is a list of the different types of poems?

sonnet, ballet, haiku

Types of dance that are anti balletic?

There is jazz but to be good you will need technique which you would get from ballet. Hip Hop is very anti ballet, and tap

Types of ballet?

There is R.A.D (Royal Academy Of Dance) ,B.B.O,Character ( Tarantella German many types),

What types of dance can you do with jazz tap and ballet shoes?

You can tap in a tap shoe, you can do jazz in your jazz shoe, and you can do character, classical, or muscial or play ballet. You can even do pointe in ballet. In jazz shoes you can also do lyrical!

What is a pirouette in ballet?

It is a turn on one leg, you can also do them in modern, jazz and lots of other types of dance becausea lot of dancing originates from ballet.

Is Jazz Ballet a sport?

Of course! All types of dance are sports.

What is the origin of jazz dance?

ballet as all other types of dance

What are the 3 types of ballet?

The three styles are classical, contemporary, or modern. :)

How do you do a jete in ballet?

There are various types Of jétés, so please specify.

What are some kinds of ballet shoes?

There are two main types of ballet shoes: leather or canvas slippers (often called 'flats') and pointe shoes (with a stiffened tip).

What types of dance can you dance on on fifteen?

the type of dances you can dance at 15 are ballet, jazz, and lyrical (mix of jazz and ballet)

What types of dances are in England?

Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Pop, and Ballroom.

In what ways does dancing help you?

dancing helps you by knowing that you know diffrent types of dance. so if your teacher came up to you and said what do you know abought ballet? you could say i know that in ballet you use ballet shoes so that is why danceing helps you.