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By writing letters

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in the olden days they used to set up fire.and by the fire .the smoke of the fire go's up in the sky and they the people see it then they know that someone is trying to communicate with them by zainab 6a in epic

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All the ways in which people communicated in the olden days can still be used today. Some old techniques (such as sending smoke signals) are no longer very popular, for the obvious reason that modern technques (such as making a phone call) are much more efficient, but you could still use the earlier techniques if you wanted to. Sometimes people do like to keep old technology alive. For example, there are still people who learn how to chip stones in order to make stone-age tools such as arrow heads and hand axes.

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birds as messengers,people or messengers on foot,messengers on horses,signs such as a burning flame.

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Q: What types of communication were uses in olden days?
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