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To become a sports medicine specialist you need to do medical studies first, then specialize in the field of Sports.

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Q: What type of training or education do you need to become a sports medicine?
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How much education and training is needed to become an athletic trainer?

A 4 Year degree in Sports Medicine.

What has the author Richard Irvin written?

Richard Irvin has written: 'Sports medicine' -- subject(s): Athletic Injuries, Physical education and training, Sports medicine

What has the author Daniel D Arnheim written?

Daniel D. Arnheim has written: 'Dance injuries' 'Developing motor behavior in children' -- subject(s): Physical education for children, Motor ability in children 'Modern principles of athletic training' -- subject(s): Sports medicine, Physical education and training, Sports injuries 'Principles of athletic training' -- subject(s): Sports medicine, Physical education and training, Sports Medicine, Physical Education and Training 'Physical education for special populations' -- subject(s): Study and teaching, Physical education for children with disabilities 'Athletic Training' -- subject(s): Problems, exercises, Physical education and training-- 'Elementary physical education' -- subject(s): Physical education for children, Motor ability, Child development, Curricula

What can you become with a degree in athletic training?

An athletic trainer, physical therapist, and sports medicine.

What kind of education or training do you need to become a sports scout?

To become a sports doctor you need to go to high school,collage, and medical school.

What does it take to become a sports medicine physician?

In the United States, to become a board certified Sports medicine physician, one must complete high school, undergraduate education, medical school, 3-4 years of residency and then a 1 or 2 year fellowship in Sports medicine.

Which profession in sports medicine takes the highest amount of education to practice?

A sports medicine doctor's education is basically the same in every sport.

What education or training do you need to become a sports agent?

There is no formal education that's required. You will need to have a lot of nerve and tenacity to get any people to represent, then to get them lucrative contracts, from sports teams.

What is sports medicine?

Health advice and treatment given to professional or training sports people.

Do you need a doctor degree for sports rehabilitation and sports therapy sports medicine?

yes you do. what you need for sports medicine is a 6 year doctors degree in a sports medicine related field, such as athletic training. Once you complete that then you can sit for your boards test and become a certified. The more experience you have the better chances you have at getting a great job. Sports medicine is a highly competitive field. If you really want to be one, study hard

where can I get diploma for medicine?

A sports medicine specialist has specialized training and education in the medical and therapeutic aspects of sports. Often they are physicians or surgeons, but a medical degree is not always required to work in sports medicine. A certified athletic trainer, or ATC, specializes in athletic health care. They are required to have at least a bachelors degree. This degree may be in athletic training, health, physical education, or exercise science. They also study many other areas, including human anatomy, nutrition, and psychology to name a few.

What are the branches of physical education?

sports medicine. orthopaedics. gerontology. pediatric orthopaedics. food sciences

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