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The discus throw is an event in the sport of track and field.

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Q: What type of sport is discus?
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What sport was a discus thrower used in?

Believe it or not, it is called discus throwing.

What fish can live with discus?

Discus is a sport and fish do not have hands, they cannot live with discus because they cannot comprehend the weight.

Is discus an olympic sport?


What is the sport called where you throw a disc?

There is the modern sport frisbee or the old Greek sport discus

Is there a 4 syllable sport?

Discus Throwing.

Is discus throw an individual dual or team sport?

The disus throw is an individual sport.

What is the most popular sport in Greek history?


What sport is in Germany called Heidenwerfer?

discus thrower

6 Explain how ancient times Discus was different from the same sport in present day?

they used to throw people not discus's :)

Which year is discus throw is invented?

The sport of the discus throw dates back to the ancient Greeks and the first Olympics circa 776BC.

What is one sport that was played in the first Olympics?

Discus throw

What is an Olympic sport that starts with a d?

Try discus and decathalon

What sport was in the ancient Olympics and is still in the Olympics?

discus throwing

Is ultimate frisbee an extreme sport?

yes but it is called discus

What sport does Odysseus perform so well that he impresses the Phaeacians?


In Sport What name is given to the circular disc thrown by athletes?


Sport that originated in Greek mythology?

Discus throwing originated in Greece.

What is the name of a sport where athletes throw a flat circle?

discus throw

When was the discus made?

About 5th century bc. Real ancient sport

What was a popular sport in Ancient Greece in 2000bc?

the javelin throw & discus

What is the oldest sport world wide?

One of the oldest sports in the world is the discus throw. The discus throw or toss was one of the original Olympic games played in Ancient Greece.

What is meant by the term discus?

The term discus refers to a heavy disc which is thrown for sport. It is an iconic event for the Olympic Games, first dating back to 708 BC. The discus weighs 2 kilograms for the men's event and 1 kilogram for the women's.

What is the sport of an ancient Greece Olympic Games that involves throwing?

Discus, Javelin, Wrestling.

Is discuss a Olympic sport?

No discuss is a verb meaning to talk about something.The discus is an Olympic sport.

Has girls high school discus always weighed 1k?

Yes. Since discus throwing for women was allowed as an Olympic sport (back in 1928) the weight of a discus for women of all ages has remained fixed at 1 kg. The rules go on to say that for women still active above the age of 75 (!) a discus is allowed of .75 kg.