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The 6 types of Golf shots:

Full- A shot with a full swing; the most common shot

Putt- The shot played on the green used with a putter; used to get the ball in the hole

Punch- A low shot used for some occasions, including if you are in trees and you are forced to make a shot that will stay close to the ground

Flop- A high shot; usually used from bunkers alongside the green, or if you are in a low position and the green is several feet above you

Pitch- A short version of the Full Shot; used for shots usually within 80 yards of the green

Chip- A small shot usually used if you are within a few yards from the green, or if you are on the fringe, or even the rough surrounding the green

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Q: What type of shots are woods used for in golf?
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What type of club use for golf?

In golf, various types of clubs are used depending on the distance and type of shot required. The main types of golf clubs include drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters.

Where the term eagle is used in sports?

It's used in golf - to indicate a score of 2 shots under par.

Which instrument is used to hit a ball in golf game?

golf clubs like a driver, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters.

How many clubs do you really need to just play golf for fun?

If you like to play golf just for fun than the standard golf club set would be a right choice. This includes three woods (the 1-driver, 3, and 5), eight irons (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and PW), and a putter for a total of 12 clubs. Woods are used to hit long shots. Irons are generally used when you are less than 200 yards away from the green. A putter is a club used for getting the ball into the hole.

What are golf shafts made of?

There are two types of golf shaft- Steel and Graphite. Generally steel is used on irons, wedges and putters, whereas graphite is mainly used for drivers and fairway woods. A new type of shaft has recently evolved it is the bi-matrix shaft which is steel and graphite.

A golf club with a wide head and a long shaft used for making long shots from the tee?

Driver or Drivers

Whats the Quality difference wooden golf clubs iron golf clubs?

Woods are used for driving from the tee, while irons are used on the fairway. The face of woods are angled less to provide more forward force, and the irons are angled more provide more life and accuracy. Confusing matters is that many "woods" these days are made from metal alloys.

What does the A in the burner golf set stand for?

The A stands for Approach Wedge, used for shots around the green and approaching the green from 100 yards in.

Did Tiger Woods play any other sports besides golf?

He used to play baseball, basketball and run track. But his parents made him choose one to concentrate on, he chose golf.

What is a bogey in golf?

A bogey is one stroke over par on a given hole.

What made Tiger Woods golf?

His dad was a keen golfer and Tiger used to enjoy following him on the course and watching him play. As soon as Tiger Woods picked up a club it was obvious he had natural talent.

What exactly is a used VW golf?

A used Volkswagen golf is a type of previously owned car manufactured by the company Volkswagen. Its the type of car that is small and intended to be family friendly by seating five.