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you should wear cletes

There are some brands . I Prefer nike or Adidas because of their quality

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Q: What type of shoes should you wear in soccer?
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What type of shoes should you get?

It is totally up to you on what type of shoes you should get. For formal wear, people usually go with dress type shoes, but for everyday wear tennis shoes are a good option.

Why do you have to wear soccer shoes in soccer?

because if you wear other shoes , it will not fit to the game . For example , if you play soccer with basketball shoes , you will be hard to chase the ball . :)

What kind of soccer shoes should you wear on a turf field?

turf sheso

Can you wear turf soccer shoes casual?

Turf football boots are generally not the most ideal casual footwear, but there are certain situations where you may choose to wear them.

How should indoor soccer shoes fit?

Soccer sneakers should be tight for better ball control and proper shooting. Soccer shoes cannot be lose because it won't allowed you to dribble and pass the ball well. Wear thick soccer socks and the shoes will eventually mold to your fit.

What type of shoes you should wear on skinny jean for good fashion?

Wedge Shoes

Can you wear turf shoes in Outside soccer?

Yes, you may wear turf shoes for outdoor soccer. However, the decision is ultimately up to the referee.

Can you wear indoor soccer shoes for outside soccer?

it depends but usually yes.

Can you wear soccer shoes to play football?

Yes you can.

What type of shoes should a student wear while working with chemicals and with glassware?

Close toed shoes

Do you need different cleats for indoors soccer?

Yes! in fact, you can't even wear "cleats'. You have to wear flat-bottomed shoes. It's recommended to have 'soccer shoes' for indoor.

Can you wear your indoor soccer shoes as regular shoes?

Yes you can just make sure they aren't the turf ones because those will have rubber cleat type things on them