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why would you use soccer cleats for football

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Q: What are some good soccer cleats for kicking footballs?
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What are good soccer cleats for kicking footballs?

I think Nike Mercurial. They are Cristiano Ronaldos and he is the best soccer player in soccers history.

How do you know if soccer cleats are fake?

If you want really good soccer cleats then bend the cleat so that the toe can touch the back if it can't do that no good for soccer

What are some good brand soccer cleats?


Diamante poem on basketball?

Basketball Stupid Unfair Sucking Missing jumping Worst Game Good Grass Exciting Kicking Tackling Cleats Stadium Soccer

Where can you buy cheap cleats for soccer?

big 5 or any soccer store. there's 1 in Modesto that has good cleats, but they aren't that cheap.

What are soccer studs?

Studs are on the bottom of the cleats. Or they are the really good soccer players that are studs. :)

Where to buy soccer cleats?

I say that the best place to buy cleats is All-Star Soccer because they have very good quality cleats for a fair price. I got my new nike Mercurials for $60!

Where to buy cheap soccer cleats?

I say that the best place to buy cleats is All-Star Soccer because they have very good quality cleats for a fair price. I got my new nike Mercurials for $60!

Where can you get orange cleats?

Diadora and Adidas both make orange cleats. A good soccer equipment retailer should carry some.

What are good soccer cleats for defenders and have good protection?

it is mostly the persons style and those kinds of things

Does yellow shoes mean a soccer player is good?

cleats dont mean anything

I want to buy cleats but don't know what kind to get. I play some soccer softball and frisbee What would be best soccer or baseball or a different kind?

You want a under armor cleats are really good and comphortable

What is best soccer boot material?

The best material would be leather. It is durable yet warm and good for kicking soccer balls.

What kind of shoes do you where in indoor soccer?

indoor soccer shoes, they are made with the same design as outdoor cleats except they only have not cleat and just have good traction

What type of sneakers would be good to play lacrosse in?

Good type of sneakers to play lacrosse are shoes with support to the ankle and with cleats different from the soccer shoes cleats. These type of shoes are the best type of sneakers to play lacrosse.

What is the difference between kids baseball and soccer shoes?

Baseball shoes have metal cleats, which arent allowed/good for soccer. Soccer has plastic, so you don't tear open someone's face accidentally.

What does soccer entail?

Soccer entails a lot of running around and kicking a ball. If you're really good at it, jumping and hitting the ball with your head enters into it too.

What do soccer players wear on there feet?

They usually wear cleats. They are shoes with studs on the bottom so the player has good grip on the ground.

What are the lightest football cleats?

The lightest are the Adidas Scorch line but they suck. You want to use Nike Vapor Jet 4.2 Or Nike Carbon Vapor Fly. If you want even lighter cleats that are under 8 ounces and are still good. Use Nike Mercurial Vapor Soccer Cleats. But be ready for your foot to hurt i you get stepped on by metal cleats. ONLY USE NIKE CLEATS!!!

Where can you get good softball cleats?

I highly recommend ringor cleats.

Joint actions kicking a soccer ball?

The Hemi and the squads in your leg use the powerto move the soccer ball to a big increase by kicking the ball by the side of your foot and your knees are always bent and you must always do a RUNNER and your arms will swing if it is a good kick.

Are nice gifts a good way to start a date with a girl?

It can be but you would then have to choose something that they like and not just what you like so for example if she likes soccer than give her a soccer ball or cleats.

Best soccer cleats for kids?

Well there are many good cleats. For Example: F50's Predators Total 90 Strike Shoots or Laser, my favorite would be Vapors but the best for kids would be The Total 90 Shoots

Where is a good place to shop for boys soccer shoes?

Many sporting goods stores will carry some variation of sports footwear. Soccer cleats can easily be found at a store such as Dick's Sporting Goods or Dunham's.

Is it feasible to wear football cleats for playing softball and what are the pros and cons and differences?

You can wear football cleats for softball/baseball. They will not perform as well though. Depending on your level of play this may not mean much...less than a tenth of a second in a 90' base path. You CAN NOT wear softball/baseball cleats in most other sports. Baseball cleats are normally flat and metal. They also have a "toe" cleat that works well in loose dirt. This toe cleat can cause injuries in sports like soccer, and is why they are normally banned. Most kids wear football or soccer cleats for all sports due to their interchangability and the cost of buying multiple cleats. Good football cleats often have interchangable cleats, for different field conditions.