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Q: What type of rugby boots should you wear if you play prop forward?
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Do you need different boots for rugby?

Though rugby is easiest to play in boots specifically made for rugby, they are not necessary. Soccer cleats work just fine. The only requirement for rugby boots is that they must not have a spike on the bottom of the toes.

What is the best soccer boots for a forward?

It depends on your style of play. If you like to dribble and force your way through opposition, you should look for sturdier resistant boots. If you're good at swerving shots, you should look for boots with microribs on the tip and top of the boot. If you rely on your speed, you should look for the lightest boots. Always take into consideration the types of cleats that are best for the type of surface you play on.

Why is lock forward a good position to play in rugby league?

Because he can play with forwards or another player in the back line

Should girls play rugby?

i think that all girls can choose if they want to play rugby and if they do no one should stop them. it is a fun game for both genders.

Should girls play full contact rugby?

Yes, In Australia, Aboringial Girls do play rugby league with other girls.

Can you play a rugby ball forward with your hand?

no its classed as a "knock on" and a scrum to the opposing team is given If the ball is deliberately knocked forward then a referee can issue a penalty

Who can play rugby?

Anyone can play rugby.

How do you stop mud sticking to your rugby or football boots?

It is not possible, unless you play on turf, but an easy solution to get mud off cleats (or boots), is to smack them together or against a hard flat surface.

What happens if you drop the ball in rugby?

If you drop the ball forward in Rugby, it is called an "knock on", that means the ball has to be handed over to the other team If the ball goes back, it is play on.

What rugby boots should you wear if you play flyhalf?

A flyhalf should wear a pair of boots that a lite and a boot with of centered lacing or a tongue this is handy for the kicking side of 10. I have played stand of for 6 years and always wear puma boots at the moment i have Puma V-konstruct II SG and Puma V1.06 FG. Have a little style to show you are a confident player.

How many countries should play rugby?

94 are registered with the IRB

Who are four people that play rugby?

Four people that play rugby? Millions worldwide play Rugby mate.

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