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recreational diving is usually done with 3000 psi of air in a certified Scuba tank

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Q: What type of pressure is to do with diving?
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What types of scuba diving can I go on?

Professional Diving is a type of diving where the divers are paid for their work. Recreational diving or sport diving is a type of diving that uses SCUBA equipment for the purpose of leisure and enjoyment. Military, navy, rescue and police diving courses need to be taken per your division or location. Technical and scientific diving is mainly for research and exploration.

What is cave diving?

Cave diving is a particularly risky type of diving using specialized SCUBA equipment to explore underwater caves.

Why is it important not to hold your breath when diving?

As you ascend from diving the surrounding water pressure decreases. This means if you hold your breath and ascend the pressure on your body decreases so your lungs start to inflate until........pop

What is an underwater tank used by divers?

It depends on the type of diving you'll be doing and how much air you consume. I dive with a high-pressure steel 100 cubic foot tank.

How does depth affect pressure?

More depth equals more pressure, thus why ears pop when diving in water.

How does air pressure affect scuba diving?

Air pressure creates a 'base amount' of pressure to the scuba divers. There is the effect that it adds on a small amount of pressure as well as the water pressure.

What is Water pressure at 5200 feet depth?

The Water pressure of depth of 5,200 ft is so great it could crush a submarine and other diving objects so i would't going diving it will kill you or really injury to follow.

Do great diving beetles have wings?

Great diving beetles do have wings and usually only fly at night. The type of wings that great diving beetles have are called elytra.

What type of verb is Diving?

An action verb

How much would a diving board cost?

Average would be close to $1000 , also depends on what type of diving board, and quality

What is a bathyscape?

A deep diving device. The part of a submersible that withstands the external pressure.

Which watch is recommended for scuba diving?

The differences in pressure when one is scuba diving requires a more durable and quality watch. Companies such as Luminox and Citizen, make quality watches, specifically designed for the variables inherent in scuba diving.

What is the best definition for a squeeze when its related to diving?

Effects of Increasing Pressure when diving which results in pain or discomfort in your body's air spaces. A squeeze is best defined as a condition that causes pain and discomfort when the pressure INSIDE an air space of your body is LESS than the pressure OUTSIDE an airspace.

What type of equipment do you need for scuba diving?


What is a type of non-diving duck?

A dabbling duck.

What type of creature is a auk?

A marine diving bird.

What type of diving does Tom Daley do?

High, synchronised.

Why are drivers watches pressurised?

So when diving the water pressure cant force its way in

What is the difference between persuit diving and deep plunging?

Pursuit diving exerts greater pressure on the seabirds while deep plunging refers to going deep in the sea in search of the seabirds.

Why must diving suits be rigid instead of flexible?

The rigid diving suit is pressurized to offset depth pressure and it needs rigidity to prevent it from expanding, allowing the person to swim easily.

Which type of diving dose Tom Daley do?

Tom mainly does 10 meter platform diving events. He performs singularly and with a partner in doubles.

Is a Predacious Diving Beetle Larvae a consumer?

The Predacious Diving beetle is a consumer. This type of beetle will fly from pond to pond looking for food.

How is science used in diving?

To know what the pressure is, indicate how you will have to submerge and go up, how to swim...... Everything.

What natural elements must a scuba diver overcome when diving?

they must come over the pressure

What happens the pressure when you scuba dive?

Due to the mass of the water above you, as you descend in to the water, the pressure increases at about 1 bar for every 10m. This is why if you have been in a deep swimming pool you can sometimes feel pressure on your ears if you swim to the bottom of the pool. The same is true in SCUBA diving but the pressure involved can get much larger. Of course there are ways in which the SCUBA diving kit and the diver themselves can deal with the pressure (such as ear-clearing to prevent barotrauma)