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Regular .68 caliber paintballs, all standard guns do. Also there is no "m16 paintball gun" , only guns that look like it.

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Q: What type of paintball does and m16 paintball gun take?
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How good is a m16 paintball gun accuracy?

There is no specific "m16" paintball gun. there are several companies that sell paintball guns with m16 rails and shrouds. besides this, the barrel and quality of paint are in general what makes a gun accurate.

How much is it to use an m16 paintball gun at delta force?

10 pounds

How many yards can a m16 paintball gun shoot?

All paintball gun shoot around the same distance. which is about 100 yards at a 45 degree angle, but around 50 when actually shooting.

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What type of bullet does an M16 take?


How long does it take to load a gun?

Depends on the gun. A muzzle loading musket- 30 seconds. M16, about 1/2 second.

Is the m16 a real gun?

The M16 and the M4 are the US designations for the AR-15 pattern of rifles.

What is the American gun for boot camp?

The US military's primary infantry weapon for training is the M16. Just remember that when you enter bootcamp that you dont call the M16 your "gun".. The M16 is your "weapon"

Where can you get a m4 conversion kit for your m16?

Gun shop, gun show

Is the m16 the noobest gun in MW2?


Who discover m16?

The armalite gun company

MilTec MT-65 M16 Paintball Gun?

This gun isn't even manufactured anymore, so they will be hard to find. The MSRP was over 500 and without electronics or a cyclone feed, it is basically a tippmann 98 with a buttstock and some milsim looking things on it. If you want an M4/M16 looking marker, there are many better looking cheaper alternatives.

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