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Q: What type of math is associated with a baseball catcher?
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What type of baseball catchers equipment does the New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada wear?


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The catcher bag will always be the biggest bag in any brand. For boombah, go to and type in catcher bags. The new ones, starting with the letter T, are the biggest. You can pick which model you like the most.

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In baseball do the pitcher and catcher form?

I think you are asking what they form. If that is what you want to know, they are called "The Battery," because they work together to try and get the batter out. The catcher makes hand signals for the pitcher to see telling him what type of pitch to throw. The pitcher will either nod or shake his head to let the catcher know if that is the pitch he wants to deliver or not.

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The catcher is the position of the man who sits behind home-plate. He wears gear consisting of a cup, chest guard, mask, and leg protectors. The catcher also has a specific type of mitt made just for catching. The main role of the catcher is to call the pitches the pitcher should throw and catch them once they have been thrown. For example, is the catcher gives the number 2 and points to the side, that is a signal for the pitcher to throw a two-seam fastball and to have it off to the selected side (those signals do vary by team). I hope this helps. Any other questions related to baseball, just ask.

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