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direct free kick if it is outside the box and a penalty if it is inside the box!

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Q: What type of kick is awarded for handball?
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If there is a handball in the box is it a penalty kick or a free kick?

A penalty kick is awarded if the deliberate handling was by a defender in their own penalty area. A direct free kick is awarded if it was by an attacker.

What type of free kick is awarded for a handball?

a indirect free kick and if it is in the penalty area then who did gets a red card ! happened in world cup 2010 harry kewell Australia

When is a direct kick awarded?

Only when a foul is committed such as handball or a bad tackle - offsides or back passes are indirect free kicks!

What does it cost to do handball?

a free kick

If the soccer ball touches anywhere on your arm is it counted as a handball?

If a player deliberately handles the ball, with the hands or arms, then they are guilty of deliberate handling and a direct free kick or penalty kick is awarded to the opposing team.

What type of free kick can be awarded in the penalty box in soccer?

A penalty kick for the attackers, a direct free kick for the defenders, or an indirect free kick for either side.

What type of kick is awarded if the offense kicks the ball out on the end line?

side of pitch = throw in ... past your goalie's goal = goal kick

Deliberate handball what free kick would be given in football?


Can you score a goal directly from a free kick?

Only if the kick awarded was a direct free kick.

What are three things you cannot do in handball?

cover the bases,steal,kick the ball.

What do you do with footballs?

In American football (gridine) you kick and throw it. In Irish football (gaelic) you kick, hanball and throw it. Soccer - Kick and Throw Aussie Rules - Kick, HAndball, SMILE!!!!

Can an indirect free kick be awarded inside the 18 yard box?

Yes. An indirect free kick, for either team, may be awarded within the penalty area. Only the defense may be awarded a direct free kick in the penalty area.

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