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Q: What type of jobs can you get with a masters degree in sports medicine?
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What jobs can you get with a medical degree in sports medicine?


What jobs can you get with an Associate's degree in sports medicine?

Assistant manager at McDonalds

What jobs can you get with a masters degree in computer science?

alot of jobs

If you have a bachelors degree in science can you get a masters in nutrition?

Once you have a bachelor degree, you can get a masters degree in whatever you wish. The masters degree will help you get better paying jobs.

What non teaching jobs can you get with a masters degree in physical education?

There are a number of non-teaching jobs that you can get with a masters degree in physical education. Some jobs include fitness training jobs, athletic administration jobs and exercise physiology jobs.

What jobs can you get with a bachelor's degree in MBA?

A bachelors degree and an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) are two different degrees. The bachelors degree is an undergraduate degree and the masters degree is a graduate degree.

What other jobs are there for someone interested in sports but not brilliant enough for sports medicine?

sports tutor

What jobs can you get if you have an associates degree in art?

none you need at least a masters

What kind of jobs can you obtain with a Masters Degree in Family Financial Planning?


What jobs can you get with a masters degree?

a professor in any colleges,or an human resource head.

What are some really good rn jobs?

RN stands for Registered Nurse. If an individual has received their RN graduate degree, there are many jobs available. For instance, Registered Nurses are in high demand in many hospitals and care facilities. Additionally, individuals who have obtained a Masters in Nursing, along with other degree qualifications, may work in such fields as plastic surgery, fertility, and sports medicine.

What kind of jobs can you get with a Masters Degree in business?

You can get about any job in your field of work, they will pretty much hire you right off the bat if you have a masters degree in your specific major.

What jobs can someone get with a Ph.D or Masters Degree or Bachlors Degree?

with a PhD you can almost have any job it depends on what field you have the dagree in .

What types of jobs require a social work degree?

Many jobs require a masters degree, however some jobs that can be obtained with a social work degree are jobs working with mental health patients, families, also you can be a teacher. It all depends on what kind of degree one has in social work.

Are masters degrees necessary for secondary teaching jobs?

Yes, you do need a masters degree to teach elementry/secondary teaching jobs. First, it is recommended to get your bachelor's first. There are different masters degrees. In some cases, the only difference between a certificate and masters is as little as 15 credits.

What are the qualifications need for obtaining Treasury jobs?

To obtain treasury jobs one would usually require a minimum of a bachelors degree in accounting or finance. A masters degree in finance or accounting is recommended.

What professions can you get with only a college degree?

It depends what your degree is in. For instance to be a doctor you need a degree in medicine so different jobs require different qualifications.

Are there many jobs for someone with a masters?

If you have your Masters Degree, good for you. Jobs are hard to find with the economy in it's current state. You will be competing with people with their Bachelors. This means they have less education, but cost less. Sell yourself well and there are plenty of good jobs for you.

What kinds of on-line jobs are available for someone who has a masters degree in English?

There are many writing jobs that you could apply for. You could also apply for jobs that require editing and/or proofreading.

What jobs can you get with a sports and exercise degree?

Several, including personal trainer, professional sports employee, or physical therapy assistant.

Is having a sports management degree important?

If your career will be in sports then it is a must have degree. Whether your goal is to become a coach or anything related to sports having this degree prepares you for management, administrative, and marketing careers in sports and or jobs related or dealing with any sport activity.

What jobs need a science degree?

Jobs that need a science degree include anything in medicine, engineering, or earth sciences. Psychologists, chemists, and botanists all need science degrees.

Will people find jobs with a naturopathy degree? this website can help you research the naturopathy degree and will be able to assist you in locating jobs.

What jobs can you get with a sports qualification?

Jobs to do with sports.

How many sports related jobs exist in America?

Sports marketing sports managements nfl jobs nba jobs baseball jobs ncaa jobs sports meia sports broadcastings sports sales sports internship