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The best curling stones are made of granite from Scotland or Whales

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Q: What type of granite are curling stones made from?
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What type of rock are the curling stones made from?

They are mede of granite that usually comes from Scotland or Whales

Where do they make curling stones?

Curling stones are made of a very specific type of granite mined from one of two quarries in the United Kingdom: Ailsa Craig, a small island off the coast of Scotland, and Trefor Quarry in Wales.

are there any kind of stone which slips on ice?

Polished granite, is a stone that will slide easily on ice. It is the type of stone used in the Olympic sport of curling, in which players slide stones across a sheet of ice towards a target area which is segmented into four rings.

What is curling gel?

curling gel is a type of gel that makes the curling stone slide way farther than it is supposed to. if it is applied on the opposing teams stones it is automatic disqualification for your whole team, seeing as it is a cheat device

What type of stones are pyramids built with?

limestone and granite were the main materials used to build pyramids. Some of the later pyramids were made from mud brick with a casing of limestone.

What is a sentence with the word granite?

Granite is a form of rock.The ornament is made from granite.

What type of minerals are found in Yellowstone?

Most of the rock you will find at Yosemite will be granite. The old rock layers were eroded away and the tougher granite layer is what we now see today.

What type of landform is stone mountain?

it is made out of igneous granite

What type of crust can a tectonic plate be made of?


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From what type of rock is most of the great pyramid constructed?

The blocks were made of limestone that weighed at least 2.5 tonnes each! Some of the big granite stones weighed as much as 70tonnes