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You need a glove that goes on the left hand, because your right hand is used for throwing.

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Q: What type of glove do you need if you throw with right hand?
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Which hand do you wear a batting glove?

On what hand you wear your baseball glove depends. If you throw with your right hand you need the glove on your left hand. If you throw with your left hand you need a glove on your right or as others call it, a left hand glove.

What does left throw mean when buying a softball glove?

It means you throw with the left hand, so you need a glove to fit the right hand.

What type of baseball or softball glove would you need to where if you throwing left handed?

well first off do you mean throwing with your left hand and if so you need a glove for your right hand

Why is the first base mans glove different?

The main objective of the first baseman is to catch the ball. A larger glove or mitt, would be an advantage. Infielders need to catch the ball and quickly transfer the baseball from glove to hand, to make a throw. A smaller glove has an advantage. The infielder also needs to have a feel for the ball to help grab the ball or handle tough ground balls. The first baseman's glove or mitt has extra padding and leather to protect the hand from hard throws.

What size glove does a fastpitch softball outfielder need?

The position doesn't affect the size glove you need.A glove size varies depending on your hand the sizes are your hand size.The size is referring to the part you put your hand inside. If you want to purchase a glove i advise you go to a store and try them on to make sure your hand fits inside. Make sure it fits comfortably. =)~*~Jamie*Leigh~*~

Can you wear a glove to throw the discus?

no. The NCAA allows individually taped fingers though, but I believe they need to be covering a cut to be ok. Tape anywhere on the hand is not allowed under US HS rules. On the wrist is fine though.

I am trying to do an ollie on a Tech Deck and the board just won't go in the air Is it the grip on the board or me?

right you need to pop then throw your hand forward if u are doing that it is the grip

How do you shrink baseball glove?

It can't really be done, effectively. If a glove is so big for your hand that "shrinking" it would be the only solution, you need a smaller glove. Baseball gloves are like many other things - young players think "bigger is better". It isn't. A glove that fits your hand really well (they come in many sizes) will allow you to do your best fielding work.

Why do you need to wear golf glove?

A golf glove on your lead hand gives a better, more secure grip. Leather is more "tacky" than the human hand. This especially true when you prespire after several hole of golf. It also helps to prevent blisters.

Do you need a glove to handle a falcon?

Yes, they have talons and would cut your hand up without one. You need a thick leather made for use with a falcon.

Where is the ob2 computer located on a 2004 Saturn L300?

For most GM vehicles the computer is located to the right of the glove box. You need to remove the glove box to access the computer.

What do you need to play fencing?

You need all the equipment. You need:1) a plaster (plastron)2) a jacket (you have to also find out which hand you will use in order to get the right jacket)3) a glove (for the hand that holds your weapon)4) a weapon (it depends which one you choose, there are sabers, epee's and foils)5) a mask6) if you are a woman, you need a chest protector (if you are stabbed in the chest, you can get seriously injured with out one)

Is 12 inch to big for high school baseball shortstop?

It all depends on hand size and comfortability. If that's the size you need than get it, generally an infielder needs a smaller glove so he can make the transfer to his throwing hand quickly and smoothly, so if you need a 12 inch glove, than no it's not to big.

Where is the 02' Chrysler concord factory amp location?

right side, behind glove box. you will need to remove it

Do you have to catch a baseball with a baseball glove?

No, there is no point in a baseball glove. It's just companies trying to get you to spend money on something useless so they can profit off of it. You are actually supposed to catch the balls with your bare hand. ________________________________________________________________________ That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You buy a glove because it makes your hand 10 inches bigger in length and 6 inches wider in width (depending on the glove size.) Also, if you don't use a glove, your going to get some serious nerve damage in your hands. To the original person that asked the question., you don't necessarily need a glove, but if you like your hand where it is, and like the ability to touch and feel, I would use a glove. A lot of times you do see a player bare-hand a ground ball, and if you're Kevin Mitchell, catch a fly ball bare-handed. I was being facetious. Of course you need a glove to catch baseballs with. That was just a stupid question.

Where is the air cabin filter located on a 2008 Prius?

It is located behind the glove box, or lower dashboard storage area. You have to disconnect the air piston on the right side and lower the box. Then remove the filter box(just slides out). Do not throw out the frame, you will need it.

Does a softball glove need to be oiled?

Sure. A softball glove is made of the same materials that a baseball glove is made of (high grade leather). They need time to be broken in. Oiling the glove will help with this process.

Where is the computer located on a 93 Chevy truck?

You need to remove the inside of the glove box and look in and down to the right and you will see it.

Where can you get the friendship checker for diamond?

If you mean the app. then you will need to be at the begining when dawn tells you to choose what hand you want. You will need to choose the right-hand for the app.

How long do you need to hold a baseball?

When you are pitching you need to pause for approximately 1 second and it is up to the umpire to call a balk if you don't. When fielding a fly you need to have it in your glove until the umpire sees that you have control. When you transfer the ball from your glove to throw it the umpire will make a decision whether or not you dropped it before the transfer or after. It is a judgement call by the umpire in all cases.

Why can't you use a first baseman's glove in the outfield?

AnswerBy the rules of MLB, you can use a catchers mitt or even no glove at all in the outfield. The reason they don't use a first baseman's glove is that they don't need to. A first baseman's glove is bigger so that a less than perfect throw, or a liner in foul territory has a better chance of being caught. Outfeilders move to the ball, so they don't need a bigger glove. A first baseman's glove has a flat side, therefore as the outfielder is moving it would be harder for him to catch the ball; also, a first baseman's mitt is heavier than an outfielder's glove.

Where is computer location for 1998 Pontiac sun fire?

Most GM computers are inside the dashboard, just to the right of the glove-box. To get to it you'll need to remove the glove box (just a couple screws). If it's not there, you'll need to find a service manual.

The thing that when you need it you throw it and when you dont need it you take it?

The thing that when you need it you throw it and when you don't need it you take it in is an anchor.

Do you need a glove to play softball?

Yes you do. Every position requires a glove. But for positions such as catcher or first base you need a certain glove specified forthat position. You can get a glove at any sports store like Dick's or Sports Authority.

How do you get the glove for animaljam?

the thing is you need to trade