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u use ur force to roll a Bowling ball

so u use ur hands to roll the ball

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Q: What type of force is using on the bowling ball?
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What type of bowling ball is the best?

I like Brunswick

What is one type of shots in bowling?

Hook Ball

What type of force is used to kick the ball?

If you kick a ball, you are using physical force and kinetic energy. You are using your body to overcome inertia and gravity to move the ball. This is also considered mechanical work because it results in movement.

What is a bowling ball made of?

Some are plastic, most are a resin type material.

A bowling ball striking the pins is an example of which type of energy?

Mechanical Energy

Is a football different type of matter than a bowling ball?

No, they are both solids.

What type of bowling ball do pros use for ten pin spares?


Can you burn a bowling ball?

Bowling balls are made from different materials - either plastic, urethane or resin. Depending on which type you have, it may be possible to burn a bowling ball - but you would sure be making one heck of a toxic waste.

Why does a bowling ball down a lane at a virtually constant speed?

Type your answer here.. Because of the oil

What type of force is it when you squeeze a soft ball?

A mechanical force that is compressive in nature.

Does a Mammoth bowling ball hook good?

The hook of a ball depends on top weight, side weight, and finger weight and type of grip.

What is Italian bowling called?

Italian bowling is referred to as Bocce or Boccia. It is a type of bowling. Bowling in general refers to any sport in which a ball is rolled or thrown on a green or down a lane towards an object or group of objects. The rules of Bocce differ from that of tenpin bowling.

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