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friction gravity momentum push and pull

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Q: What type of force is used during playing football?
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Which game is playing within the gap of 35-35 minutes?

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What are the materials needed in a playing football?

In a official football: Leather made from cowhide, a plastic-type balloon which the air goes, and a lot of stitches.

What type of clothing is not authorized for use during air force operations?

EMF shielded

What are all the forces acting on a football kicked by a player?

This is a ballistics type of physics question and depending on how complicated you want to get, there are three forces acting on the football. There is the force from the kick, the force of gravity, and the force of friction from air resistance (or assistance if their is a tail wind). You can calculate things such as trajectory, distance etc... if you know the different force vectors.

What grass type Pokemon learns shadow force in Pokemon sapphire?

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What type of force causes air to move into the lungs during inspiration is supplies by?

The force that causes air to move into the lungs is called negative pressure.

What type of wind is present while playing on a sunny beach during the day.?

sea breeze

What are the type of force?

contact force and field force

Name a type of entertainment you see during a football half-time show?

cheerleaders, singing, dancing, marching band

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The number of players on a football team depends on the type of football you are playing. In American Football, there are 11 on a team. In Canadian Football, there are 12 players on a team. Other countries have their own rules. Also America has "Sand Lot Football" where pickup games simply have equal numbers of players on each side.

Where was the first game of football?

Rutgers and Princeton played what is today considered the first football game, in 1869, in New Brunswick, N.J. However, colleges were playing football-type games, under many different rules, as far back as the 1820s.

What type of force causes objects to move?

Unbalanced force is a type of force that causes an object to start moving.

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