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Q: What type of force is striking a match against a match box?
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What type of friction occurs when striking a match to light a fire?

The friction that occurs when striking a match to light a fire is kinetic friction. As the match head is rubbed against the rough surface of the matchbox, heat is produced due to the friction, causing the match to ignite and light the fire.

What type of change is striking a match?

Striking a match is a physical change because it can be reversed by extinguishing the flame. The chemical composition of the match does not change during this process.

WHICH is type OF attack that matches a list of words against the letters in your password to try to find a match?

Brute force password cracking

Is fire against bug a good type match up in black?

Yes, it's the best there is against bug types.

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What is a table match WWE?

A tables match in the WWE is a match where you can only win by putting you opponent through a wooden table. Sheamus won his first WWE Championship in this type of match against John Cena

What prints by striking a unked ribbon against the paper?

Since you put this in the Computer Printers category, i will answer it that way. The type of printer that prints by striking a print head (the letters) on an inked ribbon is a daisy wheelprinter. You rarely see these anymore.

What type of energy is it when an object is moved against a force?

The type of energy is mechanical energy, specifically work. Work is done when an object is moved against a force, transferring energy to the object.

What type of white rocks spark when rubbed together?

Flint can be white, and it will spark when struck against iron or steel, but I'm not sure that striking against another piece of flint will do anything like a spark.

Which type of printer uses an inked ribbon?

A dot matrix printer or impact printer is a type of computer printer and prints by impact, striking an inked cloth or Mylar ribbon against the paper.

What type of cricket shot do you play against fast bowlers?

It depends on what sort of ball it is, as in where it pitches, and what the match status is.

What type of muscle contraction occurs when force is exerted against an immovable object?