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You don't need anything to start playing a sport except land to play on.

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Q: What type of equipment do you need for sports?
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What do you need for sports?

What equipment you need for sports depends on the type of sports you are involved in. For football, you will need protective gear.

How do you write application to school principal to buy some sports equipment?

We need some sports equipment to running this season...2

What equipment do they need to make sports technology?

metal and plastic

What types of sporting equipment does Gamma Sports offer?

Gamma Sports offers a wide range of tennis and squash equipment. They have everything a tennis enthusiast could possibly need, from racquets to court equipment Gamma Sports can supply them.

How much would sports equipment cost?

Type your answer here... depend on what you buy

What type of experience do you need to be a sports photogropher?

You need to have a good life in phototagrapy and you need to like sports

What sports equipment starts with V?

Volleyball is a sports equipment item. VICIS brand football helmets are sports equipment.

What are some sports that don't need equipment?

basketball is the only one i can think of that requires no equipment whatsoever, but baseball requires very little equipment

What type of equipment do you need to make a highlight video?

you need lights and all sorts of equipment people and your sisters but

What is something beginning with j that you need for sports?

You need a jack in auto racing to change the tires during the race. You need a jockstrap in many sports. Other sports equipment include javelin and jump rope.

Why do boys spend more money on sports clothes and equipment than girls?

Because boys sports are more on contact and they need to buy more pads and things that protect them. Girls need less pads and equipment

What type of equipment do you need for scuba diving?


What type of photography equipment do you need?

What type of photographs do you intend to take? Someone who plans to take selfies and snapshots of their friends and put them on their Facebook page needs different equipment from someone who plans to take photos of football games and put them in Sports Illustrated.

What equipment would you need for a sports course at college?

depends on what sport you are going to play

Where can I find best Fitness and health in my local area?

Fitness equipment can be found at several different retailers. If you also need information or instruction I suggest going to a sports equipment store such as MVP Sports or Sports Authority.

What sports equipment begins with e?

Elbow pads are hockey equipment. Eyewear is a sports equipment item in squash.

What is a sports lab?

it is where they test sports equipment

Sports equipment starting in letter Q?

Quiver is a sports equipment used in archery.

What material is used for sports equipment?

Well it depends on what kind of sports equipment you are making.

What type of sports equipment do you need to play basketball?

He will of course need some shoes. Make sure you get running shoes which are high top in order to protect his ankles. He will also need some practice clothes as well.

What type of training do heavy equipment operators need?

Heavy equipment operators need to have training in the operation of and maintenance of the equipment to be operated. They also need to have knowledge of safety procedures and any laws or regulations for the equipment.

Need to sell beauty salon equipment. Who will buy?

What type of equipment are you selling and where are you?

What type of products does the online store Newitts offer?

The online store Newiits mainly sells sports equipment and sportswear. They sell equipment for many sports, including tennis rackets and baseball gloves.

What type of degree does an owner of a sports store need to start a sports store?


What types of credentials does a person need to get an equipment operator's position?

To become an operator of a certain type of equipment, you will need to receive special training and certification on that type of equipment. These certifications can help qualify you for certain jobs.