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The genesis bow

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Q: What type compound bow used in school archery?
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What is archery used for now?

I is used for school camps and normal childrens camps these days. No thanks to laws these days... (Lousy things!)

Where archery is usually played?

Archery is normally practiced, as a Competition Sport, on an archery range. Although an archery range can sometimes be located in the center area of a running track (that circular track used for running sports) at the local high-school or college, many archery ranges are located in archery stores (perfect for winter-time archery) and parks, the ranges located in parks are usually for the use of the general Public, free of charge. There are even ranges which are built separate from other sport fields and arenas.

What was archery used for?

hunting and sport

How many Different bows are used in the archery Olympics?

Olympic archery only uses recurves.

What type of microscope is used to observe the spores of the fern?

A compound light microscope is commonly used to observe the spores of a fern. This type of microscope allows for high magnification and resolution, making it ideal for studying small structures like spores.

What type of microscope is most often used in classrooms?


How was archery made?

Archery was actually was made from the French, and Britain. It was mostly used for war in the mediveal age.

What sport do you need a bow for?

A quiver is used in the sport of archery.

What is compound word for a machine that writers used to use to type?


What type of motor used in air compressors?

cumulative compound motor

How is maths used in archery?

maths is used in archery to calculate the distance between the arrow the target and to calculate the arc of the arrow

Why did medieval farmers have to learn archery?

They used archery to hunt, and maybe even (if they had livestock) to kill attacking predators.