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The most preferred Baseball to have a player sign would be an Official Major League baseball from the League the player played in, that was used during the ballplayers playing days. The older baseballs could be dated by the signature of the League President stamped on the ball.

For example: Willie Mays played from 1951-1973. If you were planning to acquire a Willie Mays signature you would try to find a 1951-1969 Warren Giles Official national League Baseball. The baseball alone would cost you about $200. but it would also add value to your signature. You can also opt to go with a 1970-1986 Charles Feeny Official National League Baseball which was used at the end of Mays' career. This ball would cost you about $60. Your next choice should be an Official Major League Baseball made after his playing days. This would be acceptable as well.

The same would be for team signed baseballs. A team from the 1980s, a 1980s baseball. (same League)

You could find these baseballs on eBay. Just make sure that the ball you purchase is clean, and like new. I would not use a plain baseball or team logo baseball. It would be cheaper but then so would the value of your autograph. Try these helpful links I left below; Official Baseball Dating & price Guide. This will help you identify the baseball you are looking for and estimated value.

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Q: What type baseball is best to use for an autograph?
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