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1985 calendar year (1984 season) :

Super Bowl XIX

San Francisco 49ers - 38 (Joe Montana, Notre Dame)

Miami Dolphins - 16 (Dan Marino, Pittsburgh)

Location: Stanford Stadium, Palo Alto, CA

Date: 1/20/1985

MVP: Joe Montana, QB, San Francisco

Head Coaches:

SF - Bill Walsh

MIA - Don Shula

1985 season

Super Bowl XX

Chicago Bears - 46 (Jim McMahon, Brigham Young University)

New England Patriots - 10 (Tony Eason, University of Illinois)

Location: Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, LA

Date: 1/26/1986

MVP: Richard Dent, DE, Chicago

Head Coaches:

CHI - Mike Ditka

NE - Raymond Berry

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The 49ers and the Bengals.

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Q: What two teams played in the 1989 super bowl?
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